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EZ3D Flip
(Magic Flip)
Combine two pictures in one!




EZ3D Flip(MagicFlip)

EZ3D Flip(MagicFlip) is a kind of lenticular imagery applications. It can produce a lenticular image with its counterpart lens sheet to perform “Flip” effect for two photos. It is specially prepared for those who have digital camera and photo printer and would like to do something special and funny for the photos. Before using EZ3D Flip(MagicFlip) software, you have to prepare two photos which might come from your existed photos, digital camera, scanner, downloaded pictures, …etc. in advance. The software can support most popular image formats. Also, it can support the two photos which might have different image resolutions. With its friendly operation, anyone can easily use it to make more funs for digital photos

Product Features:
For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
GUI (Graphical User Interface) for friendly operation.
Supports "Flip" effect for two photo images.
Supports any color printers.
Supports any DSC photo images and most image formats.
Supports two photos which have different image resolutions.
Supports 3"x4" and 4'x3", 4"x6" and 6"x4" printout sizes.
Supports "Lens Check" to secure the best "Flip" effect.
Great fun for digital camera and color printer.
With i-Magic Frame and i-Magic Viewer, no lens lamination is required. No risk for 100% success.

EZ3D Flip(MagicFlip) Primary Operation Procedure:

STEP 1: Prepare Photo
1. Open Images for Thumbnail A and B:
Any DSC Images
Any Scanned Images
Any Photo Images
2. Choose a printout size:
4" x 6" or 6" x 4"
4" x 3" or 3" x 4"

STEP 2: Export Flip Image
1. Save Project - Save Flip project for later editing.
2. Save Flip Image - Save the Flip image for later printing.
3. Lens Check - Find out the best interweaving pitch for the photo printer to be used.
4. Print Out - Print out the Flip image with any photo printer.

STEP 3: View Flip Images by
1. i-Magic Frame or i-Magic Viewer

Finally, with "i-Magic Frame"(6"x4") or "i-Magic Viewer"(4"x3"), no lens lamination is required. No risk! You can view the Flip images immediately.